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IRS Audit Representation for Indianapolis area taxpayers

Unfortunately, the IRS is auditing more tax returns now than in previous years. Sometimes, audit notices are even done by a matter of random selection because the possibility of an audit keeps everyone honest, if you will. If you are the subject of a tax audit, whether an intrusive field audit, less intrusive correspondence audit, or random selection audit help is waiting.

An audit occurs when the IRS disagrees with some information that you have reported on your tax return. To back-up your stated return, the IRS requires additional information to further substantiate. Many IRS audits are correspondence audits which can easily be handled by providing the IRS with the information they’ve requested, usually by mail. In more severe cases, the IRS may order a field audit and show up at your home or office.

Regardless of whether you've received a notice of correspondence audit or a field audit, you should contact one of our Indianapolis area tax attorneys to provide IRS audit representation, as representing yourself is not encouraged.