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How can Indiana taxpayers settle IRS Back Taxes?


When you owe the IRS back taxes it's hard to focus on anything but your IRS tax debt. Luckily, IRS back tax debt can be resolved in many ways, including the reduction or elimination of the amount due, and then through an IRS back taxes payment plan.  Here is a breakdown of the methods we use to resolve IRS back tax debt:

IRS Installment Loan: Full or Partial

If you owe less than $25,000 in back taxes, you may be qualified to receive a full installment loan. This option is great if you need a loan, but can’t pay back instantly. It is different from other loans in that it offers much better rates. Even if you owe more than $25,000, we may be able to negotiate a full installment loan for you.

However, if you don’t meet the requirements to obtain a full installment loan, we still may be able to get you a partial installment loan. This would enable to you pay off majority of your balance through manageable installment payments.

Offer in Compromise

An offer in compromise is rarely the appropriate tax resolution strategy, despite what you may have heard. The truth is, if the IRS has reason to believe that you have the financial backing (whether in income or assets) to repay them, they will definitely not accept an offer in compromise. Although, if you have previously been denied, the IRS has recently broadened the guidelines, through the “Fresh Start Initiative,” and some taxpayers who previously would not have qualified may now.

Currently Not Collectible Status (CNC)

A CNC puts a temporary hold on aggressive collections. This hold may, fortunately, become permanent if there is no change in your assets or income. Increasingly, many of our clients qualify for CNC status.

If you are an Indianapolis area taxpayer that owe IRS back taxes, you can contact our IRS back tax specialists today. We are available 24/7 for your IRS back tax settlement needs.