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Stop IRS Wage Garnishment - Wage Garnishment Relief of Indianapolis


Would you like to end your wage garnishment within 24 hours? Our Indianapolis based tax attorneys can help! If you are an Indiana resident who has received a CP-297 (Intent to Levy) or a CP-90 (Final Notice) help is literally right around the corner. We specialize in IRS tax resolution and have frequently assisted Indianapolis area residents with their wage garnishment—most within 24 hours from the time we receive all the necessary information from you.

Stages of IRS Wage Garnishment:

  1. Collection Notice: Before the IRS takes action, they must issue you a collection notice, demanding you pay your tax bill.
  2. Failure To Respond: You must have ignored the IRS' collection notice for action of garnishment.
  3. Employer Notification: The IRS instructs your employer to withhold your paycheck and, instead, send funds to pay down your tax debt. This deprives you of the ability to fully support yourself and family and, also, brings your employers into your tax problems. This can lead to embarrassment and even the loss of your job.
  4. Wage Garnishment!: To secure an end to your wage garnishment lasting, you and your tax attorney must be able to persuade the IRS that you have a plan for resolving your tax debt.

Our local Indianapolis tax attorneys can put an end to wage garnishments and bank levies, usually within 24 hours. Don't risk losing your hard earned money, contact Indianapolis Pure Tax now.